Are you Listening?

Most people spend lots of time praying, meditating and talking with God. Do we ever think about listening? Do we listen to God when he speaks to us? Nobody tells us how to do it. Listening takes practice but talking comes easy. We like the way our voice sounds, even when we pray. If we stop talking and start listening, God will speak to us.

Just think about Samuel and Moses and Noah. Their lives changed dramatically when they listened to God. We should meet God on a regular basis, not only to talk with him but also to listen. "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalms 46:10). Being still is a key to listening. Being quiet is another. Both takes practice.

Our busy lifestyle seems to hurry us along so fast we never have time to be still and be quiet. Many men in biblical times had this same problem, but when they learned to listen, God made amazing changes in their lives. God Speaks We Listen visits some of these men. They can teach us how to listen. God still speaks to us today, if we will only listen.