Where do I fit in?

Do you ever feel that you don’t fit in? People around you have everything they try turn out great. You want that kind of life, but you’re either a little short or a little late when opportunities arrive. Is your life all scrambled up? Is it like a puzzle with some pieces missing or the pieces you have won’t fit? Do you wonder, where is my place? Where do I fit in?

I remember when I was a teen. I desperately wanted to fit in somewhere, anywhere. I wanted to be a part of something. I wasn’t very good at sports, I couldn’t sing or play an instrument. I tried dancing but that was an embarrassment. I wasn’t an exceptional student. I did have a nice smile, but charm didn’t work either.

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I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Mom and Dad worked in a cotton mill and we lived on the mill hill in a mill house. Cotton, called lint, flew around like snow in the mill. Sometimes lint stuck in the workers hair. We, on the mill hill, were quietly called “lint heads” and made fun of.  Ever been called a name that hurts?

My part of town was pretty rough. I had friends there that would accept me; we were all “lint heads.” I could belong. Some turned to activities I knew were wrong. I tried some of those things, but felt uncomfortable. Daddy told me from a young age that I should not only be honest, but I should be honorable. Both required me to make a choice. I still had not found “my place” but I had made a choice.

Lint head

A derogatory term for an employee of a textile mill, particularly in the Hill Country of the American South.

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As a little boy, Mom carried me to church. I grew up and chose not to attend church regularly, but I did go. My Sunday school teacher was a high school football player. We younger boys thought he had it all together. He said football made him popular, but something was missing. He felt his life was incomplete; he didn’t fit in. He said God had a plan for our life. “I am your creator. You were in my care even before you were born” (Isaiah 44:2).

I had been trying to find a place in my plan, not God’s plan. God’s plan had hope and a future for me, but would I fit into God’s plan? Don said I could if I put my faith and trust in Christ, turned my life around and ask God to forgive me. I found Jesus Christ was the missing piece of my life’s puzzle. I finally fit in.

If you have been looking for that missing piece of life’s puzzle, Jesus Christ is the answer. He can wipe away the past and give you a clean, new start. Only you can make that choice. Christ will help you find your place if you sincerely ask.